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All Equus Eye limited editions can be cast in foundry bronze and mounted on a bronze, stone or hard wood base. Foundry bronzes are made in small editions or as commissions. Bronze is an ancient copper/tin alloy the surface of which can be patinated to produce a range of colours and effects.


Although it is expensive, foundry bronze should be seen as a long term investment. Taking into account the quality of the finished piece, the skill and status of the artist and competence of foundry craftspeople. Below are some examples of Sally's recent work in bronze.



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Antarr in black bronze

Please contact us for a quotation.


Limited edition of 5 Worldwide. Can be patinated in any colour.

Price £3000 / €4000 including tax

Dimensions 45 x 33cm

Cast by Bronze Age of London

Name translates as 'Special Closeness'

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